Tour knowing the City of Valparaiso



Valparaiso is one of the most important cities in Chile, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Its intricate alleys, colorful houses in the hills, a varied architecture and the cultural capital of the country, make it a must see place.

The tour through Valparaiso is unique !!, it includes a walk through the main and emblematic hills of Valparaíso (42 hills in total). We will visit the historic center, some of its lifts, as well as its squares, churches, viewpoints and museums, as well as a walk through the historic center of the city, among the most famous being the Barón pier, Polanco elevator, Pablo’s house Neruda, among others ..

PLACE OF DEPARTURE Terminal Alameda – Santiago
TOUR VALUE $25.000 p/p minimun 2 persons
DURATION 4 hours and 1 hour for lunch
Professional Guide Lunch
1 hour free time Transport

Tickets and tickets to museums

Viña del Mar, is a city that is located only 15 minutes by car from Valparaiso, which offers a number of attractions such as, The Flower Clock, Peru’s Av., Its beaches, La Quinta Vergara, place where it takes Out some of the most recognized music festivals in Latin America and the Fonck Museum, where you can see Moais brought directly from Easter Island.